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Phase two of the rebuild has officially begun! We are adding a pool and finally finishing the backyard. Our kids are very excited(and so am I). Having grown up with pools in our backyards, when it came time to design our own, we wanted it to be modern and clean looking but we also want our children to use it.  I found myself gravitating towards rectangle pools as we browsed the internet. I have collected a lot of images over the years and used Pinterest to gather my thoughts. https://www.pinterest.com/mbpursell/pool/

Then came the kids’ feedback. All 4 kids had different demands. We settled on a something with height to jump off, a tanning ledge, spa and a slide.  How in the world to you make a modern looking pool that includes a slide? Well, we are going to try.

When you tell the pool guy you want a slide, in my experience, they either try and talk you out of one or they start talking about large boulders.  Our 10 year old is adamant about the slide so the suggestions of not having one it out of the question and our home will never go with a large boulder look, so that’s out too.  Trying to find a way to incorporate the slide without having to use rocks or boulders turned out to be a huge challenge. After meeting with several companies and pouring through images, we have finally come up with a solution that includes painted brick, a small grotto and a lot of dirt.  I am excited to see how it all comes together.

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