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“White House with Boxwoods”- that is the search term I used to research the “look” we wanted for our home 5 years ago. Today, the landscaping has mostly filled in and we have a white house with boxwoods but now it is not just a house, it is a home.




It’s still not totally finished.  We haven’t finished our basement how I would like to and we haven’t decided what we want to do with the back yard just yet but I still like looking at it when we pull up to the driveway each day!


Beveled Cypress Siding Paint is Porter Paint Soft Antique White in flat

Shutters are Enduring Bronze by SW

Front Door is Farrow and Ball #91 Blue Gray

Roof is Cedar Shake

Planters are from Restoration Hardware

Benches are from Hayneedle

Pendant is from Ballard Designs

Pathway and front porch is bluestone

Architect is Stephen Fuller


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Picking Paint

Where to begin.  Well, we have to paint it at some point and I am googling everything to do with “Exterior Paint” combinations under the sun.  There are so many shades of white I quit counting and I do not have a degree in design so I do not understand undertones so there you go.

We thought a shade of white would look classic with the shake roof.  I really don’t want black shutters though.  No red door either.  That is just too traditional.  So, I have branched out and tried to find other color combinations besides a body color of white and see if I(we) like them.  Here are some of the ones I found late night googling-

Option 1-







The colors are pretty, they look sophisticated to me and they are clean-looking.  I like this look.

Option 2-








Pretty, I think…kind of a beige with a dark brown shutter and crisp trim.  Love the green landscape with it.  This looks like our house but I wonder if it is too yellow…hmmmm.  I have the magazine advertisement from Behr with this picture and it looks better in person that online.

But then I go back to this-









I just love white. I could sure tear up that pretty grass driveway with my Suburban though!  Wouldn’t stand a chance!

I’ve called in for reinforcements already.  I have a consult next Wednesday with a paint specialist.  Then I can have someone else to blame if it doesn’t turn out okay!

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